Custom IR Solution

Ira-3 OEM
Ira 3 OEM
Tira 2.1 OEM
Tira 2.1 OEM

If your company needs an IR remote control interface, whether receiver, or transmitter, (or both), we can help. Over the years we've worked with many companies to help them with IR functions for their equipment. Range of possible applications include Home Theater PC (HTPC), media servers, environmental control for disabled people, home automation, IR control for specialized equipment.

In addition to our off-the-shelf OEM products, we have other designs that we can customize to your requirements. Please contact us with your project details and we'll be glad to help you.

We can customize our designs for you in the following ways:

  • We can respin our boards to fit into your enclosure
  • We can license you our design so that you could fit it into your application, if you need maximum flexibility.
  • We can modify firmware if you require additional functionality. For example, if you need support for an IR mouse or keyboard.

Some of our customers

Tira for Bravo Server

Meda Systems

Front Bezel Board for Media Server that incorporates Tira 2.1 and VFD module.



Eagle Broadband

Front Bezel Board for an IPTV set-top-box (Tira-RS design) with a support of IR receiving, capture, transmission and IR keyboard/mouse decoding, with dual PS/2 interface.