Tira-2.1: Remote Control Receiver/Transmitter

Compact and reliable universal USB IR receiver/transmitter. Can receive IR signals from most remote controls and transmit IR signals. Applications include home automation, home theater PC (HTPC), environmental control for disabled people, hospitality, industrial automation, kiosks, media servers.

Tira-2.1 has been in production for more than 6 years. It is a stable, reliable product.



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  • USB interface for easy installation
  • Remotely wakes up PC from standby mode
  • Receives and transmits arbitrarily long sequences
  • Two IR LEDs will provide higher power, allowing you to control equipment from a greater distance
  • 3.5mm jack for connecting additional IR emitters
  • Transmitter supports wide range of modulation frequencies: 18-80kHz
  • Capable of "learning" IR codes in the same range of frequencies
  • Compatible with most existing remote controls (see details)
  • Compact and elegant design

Principal Parts

  1. Two IR LEDs for transmitting IR codes
  2. Short range sensor for capturing IR codes
  3. Long range, 38KHz IR receiver
  4. USB "B" Connector
  5. 3.5mm jack for connecting external emitters (Center pin "+", sleeve "-")

OEM Version

OEM version

Tira 2.1 OEM version is the same device electronically, but comes without a plastic enclosure. It is intended for installation inside a PC. Four pin (0.100" spacing) USB connector is provided, and external emitter can be connected to the two pin connector. Click here to view mechanical dimensions and layout of the Tira 2.1 OEM board. 1.5ft USB cable for connecting to mainboard is optionally supplied.



Computer Interface USB 1.1
IR modulation frequency Long Range Receiver: 36-40kHz
short range receiver: 18-80kHz
transmitter: 18-80kHz
Distance from the remote control At least 8 meters. Can reach as much as 12 meters depending on the type of the remote control, batteries, and lighting conditions in the room.
Cable length 1.5m (Cable is supplied as an option)
Dimensions 58x38x19mm (2.3"x1.5"x0.75")
OS Any OS for which appropriate software is available. See our links page
Software eventGhost
Frequency detection Yes

Remote control Compatibility

Tira is designed to work with most remote controls. For remote controls that use modulation frequency in the range of 32kHz to 42kHz it is guaranteed to work for both receptions and transmissions.