Tira-4am: USB IR Dongle for Amino Set-Top-Box

Compact IR dongle for Amino line of set-top-boxes. Allows you to hide the expensive set-top-box from the guest's view to protect it from theft and tampering. The result is the room free of clutter and superior remote control reception.

Tira 4am is widely used in luxury hotels around the world (and even on one cruise ship!). Its trouble-free performance is field tested over last two years in more than a dozen facilities. Total number of units shipped to date exceeds 10000!


  • Fully compatible with all models of Amino set-top-box
  • Compact design, only measures 0.7x0.9x0.3"
  • Long reception range, up to 50 ft
  • USB interface for plug-n-play operation
  • Designed for reliable operation in the presence of high levels of IR noise
  • Optional red LED light for visual confirmation of the IR signal
  • Firmware can be customized if support for a new type of remote control is required

Custom works

If you want to use a different remote control than the default Amino's remote, we can customize the dongle to work with it.

We have provisions in the design for IR blasting, so we can manufacture the dongle for you with blasting support.


For high volume orders the price is as low as $US 9.95. Please call or email us for up-to-date pricing information.


Computer Interface USB 1.1
IR modulation frequency 38 kHz
Distance from the remote control Up to 50 ft (16m)
Cable length 6 ft (1.8m)