Tira-4: The smallest USB IR Receiver

Tira-4 is a result of our attempt to create a very small IR receiver without sacrificing performance.

If you want a compact IR receiver that provides superior reception and is compatible with a vast majority of remote control protocols, Tira-4 is the solution for you.

Applications for Tira-4 include Home Theater PC, media server, home automation.Being a very tiny receiver, you can hide the PC from view, for example, inside a cabinet.



  • Compact design, only measures 0.7x0.9x0.3"
  • Long reception range, up to 50 ft
  • USB HID interface for plug-n-play operation: no drivers installation is required!
  • Designed for reliable operation in the presence of high levels of IR noise
  • Optional red LED light for visual confirmation of the IR signal
  • Firmware upgrades are possible

OEM Customers

If you are using Ira-3 with your equipment and you want to switch to USB IR receiver, Tira-4 is the solution. Tira-4 will remain compatible with whatever remote controls you had. All IR codes will also remain the same, making transition simple.

If you are using Tira-2.1 with your equipment and you only need the receive function, please consider transitioning to Tira-4. You will be able to save a lot, as Tira-4 is less expensive, especially in larger volumes. Transition to Tira-4 will be easy. Tira-4 is using the same API as Tira 2.1, so all you will need to is to replace the DLL that we provide for Tira-2.1 with a new DLL, for Tira-4.

OEM Specification

Computer Interface USB 2.0
IR modulation frequency 38kHz
Distance from the remote control Up to 50 ft (16m)
Cable length 6 ft (1.8m)