Setup Girder

Configuring Girder to work with Tira

Latest Girder plugin (v1.10, updated Aug 11, 2004) can be downloaded from here.

Installing Girder is fairly straightforward, there are no options to choose. You only need to select where you want it to be installed. Every hardware that works with Girder requires plugin, and Tira is no exception. Copy the Tira.dll from the supplied CD to the directory Plugins, under Girder's directory. After that start the Girder. First you need to configure Girder to use Tira. Go File > Settings, and when dialog box opens up, click on "Plugins" tab.

Check the "Home Electronics Ira/Tira plugin", then click "Apply" and "Settings". Tira configuration dialog will come up.

In this dialog select COM port under which "USB Serial Port" was installed. Now close all dialogs by clicking "OK", and now you can activate Tira. Press "F9" on you keyboard. The status box should now read "Input Device Enabled". Tira is activated, and you can test by sending some IR codes to it.

Sending IR codes with Tira

Let's create an action what will, for instance, turn your TV on. First, create blank action (Edit > Add Command ). You can rename it, if you'd like. By default all new commands will have the same name. To rename it, press "F2", then enter new name.

Now, click on the "Plugins" tab (marked with the red box).

You will see the list of available plugins. Click on "Home Electronics Ira/Tira", then click "Settings". That will bring up Tira Transmit Dialog box.

In order to capture IR code click on "Learn Code" button. The button text will change to "Stop Learning". Now point a remote control at Tira, push and hold the "Power" button until the code is learned.
(In case of Tira-2 capture procedure uses different IR sensor, which is very directional and works over very short range. This allows to avoid all problems related to interference from other IR sources. But during capture the remote must be located very close to Tira-2, not farther than 2cm (1 inch). The IR transmiter on the remote must point directly into the center of Tira's front window.)
There are two parameters that are essential for proper recognition of the code by your equipment, such as TV. Those are Frequency and Repeat. Repeat "4" should usually work. But it won't be a problem if you select larger value. The equipment might refuse to react to the code if you select value that is to small. So always try larger values first.
As for the frequency, you will have to try different values until you find the one that work with your equipment. There are only eight values to try, so it won't take long. Once you have found the working frequency, for one button, the same value will work for all IR codes used by this equipment. (This does not apply to Tira-2, which does detect frequency.)
Let's see how that works.
Point Tira in the direction of your TV and click "Test". If TV does not react, select another frequency and try again, until the working one is found. Now click OK. The IR code is successfully learned and we can close the dialog. You will need to create separate command for every button on your remote. After that you can start combining those commands to do something useful, for example, switch channels on you satellite receiver at particular time. You will have to familiarize yourself with Girder and different plugin it has in order to do that. You can always find help in the Girders forum.