Configuring ShowShifter to work with Tira

Latest IR Tuner for ShowShifter (v1.0, Nov 20, 2003) can be downloaded from here.

Using TiraTuner you can setup ShowShifter to automatically switch channels on your cable box or a satellite receiver. This is very useful if you want to record programs while you are away.

Download and unpack the file into the following folder on your computer:
C:\Program Files\Home Media Networks Limited\ShowShifter\Config
(Assuming Windows is installed on a drive C:)

Setup TiraTuner

  1. Run TiraSSTuner.exe.
  2. Select the virtual COM port on which Tira is installed and click "Open Device". If the port is selected correctly, the blue circle will turn green
  3. Click on a number "1" button in the window. This will switch Tira into a capturing mode and a message "Recording" will appear in a status bar. Point the remote to Tira and press a button "1" on a remote until the status bar becomes empty again.
  4. Repeat procedure for the rest of the buttons.
  5. You can then check that all IR codes are properly recorded by changing mode to "Test IR codes" and clicking on number buttons. Tira will transmit IR codes as you click on buttons.
  6. Specify maximum number of digits in the channel number that your equipment has
  7. Specify whether leading zero should be used. For example, if you receiver has a maximum channel number 999 (3 digits) and you want to set it to channel 7, do you have to enter 0-0-7?
  8. Specify the delay between individual IR codes.
  9. Now click "Save". That will create file tira_tnr.ini. You can close the "Tira Tuner Setup now."

Configure ShowShifter to use Tira

  1. Run TiraTuner.reg That will make ShowShifter use TiraTuner
  2. Go to ShowShifter's Channel Settings page as follows: From the Main page, click on the 'Television' or 'Video Files' button. From the Television or Video Files page, click on the button with a picture of a spanner on it. From the TV and Video Settings page, click on the button with the label 'Channels'.
  3. Click on the add button (with + on it), a new channel will be added to the end of the list called 'New Channel'.
  4. Select the new channel, and move your mouse over the name beneath the list so that the text shows yellow. Type in a name for your channel.
  5. Click on the edit button (with a hammer on it), this will display the Edit Channel Details page.
  6. In the 'Number' field, enter the number that you would like to be sent to your satellite box when you go to this channel. Make sure that the 'Input' and 'Frequency' fields are set to those for the channel you are using to view TV from your satellite box. Click the OK button (with a tick on it) when you are happy with your changes.
  7. Do steps 3 to 6 for each channel your would like to add.
  8. When you have finished adding all your channels, click the OK button (with a tick on it).

Now whenever you change to one of these channels in ShowShifter, the channel should change on your satellite box.