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Software programs that work with Ira or Tira

SnapStream PC Based PVR Ira
Charmed Quark Software Home Automation Ira
LIRC Freeware Ira/Tira
SageTV PC-based PVR solution Ira
QualiWORLD QualiWORLD is a comprehensive software program developed to allow anyone with phisical disabilities or with speech difficulties to access any kind of communication technology. Tira
eventGhost Freeware Ira/Tira

Web sites Web-site with lots of useful links related to Home Automation Web-site dedicated to modification of One-For-All remote controls


Ira Diagnostics Utility Allows to easily locate the source of the problem. Tests all available COM ports and makes it possible to see how Ira performs. Use this utility if you are not sure that the software is properly configured.
  Windows executable
Source code
Ira-3 Configuration Utility Allows you to change some of the parameters of Ira-3, including wake-up triggering IR codes.

**Price information is as of Feb 12th, 2013.