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Integrating Ira/Tira into a Custom Software

On this page we put together all information required to develop s/w that uses Ira/Tira.


We have developed a DLL that provides simple and easy to use interface to Tira. You don't need to know anything about IR remotes in order to use it. Sample application in C++ and Visual Basic is included. The latest version of the SDK is available from download section. API for Linux is also available and can be downloaded from here.

API User Manual. Click here to view.

Sample applications

Application name Language Communication Description
sample1 Vs2008, C# DLL Records, transmits (selectable from list) and saves any IR codes using CCF encoding.
sample2 Vs2008, VB.NET DLL Records , transmits and saves up to 3 different IR codes, monitors 6byte remote codes.
sample3 VB6 DLL Records and transmits up to 3 different IR codes, monitors 6byte remote codes
sample4 Win / C DLL Command line tool,records,saves and transmits IR signals using CCF encoding.
sample5 Linux / C Hardware Command line tool,searches for device on all ports,records, saves and transmits IR signals, pulse/space format.

In situations then using the DLL is not possible (for example, in different OS) you will need to work with a low level serial protocol. Click here to view description of the Tira-2 protocol.


Using Ira is even simpler. It's serial protocol is covered on in this document. We also provide a sample C++ application that works with Ira. The source code is available from here.

If you have question regarding any of the above documents, feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us. We will certainly try and help you resolve any issues you might have.